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Since my childhood, I’ve always had beautiful hair but the only difference they were rebellious and I had difficulties to comb. suddenly I neglected them over the time that I had decided to put some hair straightener to make my task easier. Although the result was not at all that I’ve expected, so I always had to go to the blower to have the smooth hair as I wanted it. As my hair started to deteriorate, started to hair pulled out everywhere and we're not bulky, then I’ve even lost the natural color of my hair.

I was tired of watching my hair deteriorated so suddenly I decided to educate myself to take care of my hair, to know what type of hair I have, what they really like. I have given myself the mission to regain my natural hair and take care of it as a heritage. I had challenged myself to do a lot of research on everything I thought could bring me solutions but I had more precisely on natural ingredients noted the Haitian black beaver oil. After several trials, I’ve finalized the recipe that would bring the benefits that my hair. Precisely, I’ve needed to start this treatment so I cut my hair because it was damaged. Now, taking care of my hair with this native handmade oil made and with 100% natural ingredients, after two years I had regained my natural hair much more flexible, long, healthy, and much more voluminous than before plus I even regained their natural color.

This is where my natural hair’s story started. Everyone was amazed at how in a short period of two years my hair grew so quickly. I was asked constantly how did you fight the falling hair problems, how have you done it? What have you done to regain your natural and reach this length and volume?

A lot of people asked me some advice on how I could help them and where I came from with the idea of ​​marketing palm oil and helping people who are facing the same problems or who wanted to take care of their natural or permed hair? I have to tell you all, after this experience, I learned to love and take care of this heritage which reminds me so much of my roots!