4 reasons to use black castor oil in 4c hair care

4 reasons to use black castor oil in 4c hair care

Often when people talk about "product junkies," they tend to imagine people with curly hair using products that promise easy washability. But what if you have 4c (or tightly coiled) hair? Almost 85% of black women with natural hair have this type of hair and it is very different from the typical straight or wavy hair. Among these four wonderful benefits, girls with curly hair can start adding a few drops of black castor oil to their favorite product for added nourishment and hydration that 4a/4b girls enjoy, without spending more time in the shower. Aside from that, here are four more reasons why you should be using black castor oil in 4c hair care.

Eliminate dryness

We take moisture for granted on our skin, but it's not so easy on the scalp. Castor Oil is a dry emollient that penetrates the scalp, seeping deep where it can help restore lost moisture. When oils are used topically on the scalp, they can penetrate even deeper into the sebaceous glands located at the base of each hair. This improves hair growth because hair only grows from follicles that have enough oil and moisture to thrive on a regular basis.

Supplies nutrients

Castor can help fight hair loss, breakage and frizz. Castor oil is one of the most popular oils when it comes to caring for straightened or chemically treated hair. This is because it nourishes the scalp and follicles while restoring moisture to damaged hair. Black castor oil actually has more nutrients than its lighter counterparts, since the black castor seeds are processed differently. The nutrient-rich oil also softens the scalp while balancing the PH level in those hard-to-tame strands. To ensure that your black castor oil treatment really works and continues to work, a deep treatment or overnight process is recommended.

Balance PH Level

Adjusting the PH level in your hair is essential for any 4c hair care routine. Black castor oil has the unique property of being friendly to the scalp while at the same time balancing the PH Level in those hard-to-tame strands. To be sure that your black castor oil treatment really works and stays working, a deep treatment or overnight process is recommended.

Helps protect against damage

Castor oil is very heavy in weight, but it is a light oil when it dissolves with the hair. This means that any breakage will be less likely to occur. The oil also helps it maintain its length and has the ability to help repair split ends while sealing the cuticle layer. Heavy oil is not always a good thing. It can weigh down your hair and act as a hindrance against frizz prevention, so keep that in mind.

We could obviously list a lot more benefits or reasons why you should use black castor oil in your 4c hair care. However, when talking about this type of hair (4C), the vital thing is to avoid dryness, balance the PH level to combat bacteria and fungal growth, prevent breakage and feed your hair with the necessary and adequate nutrients to protect it from oxidizing agents and free radicals. Look out! The most important thing is to always opt for completely natural products for the best results.


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